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We live in Romania and for a few years now we have decided to travel mostly in Eastern Europe. 

Each time we are more surprised by the things and places we come upon: the Pink Flamingos in Montenegro, the European Wall of China and emerald waters in Croatia, the carnivorous plant and the mysterious forest in Romania and many more breath-taking views of the impressive peaks, waterfalls and canyons of the Dinaric Alpes and Carpathian Mountains.

Solana Ulcinj - Montenegro Travel - Natural Reservations (2)

#WeRoamEurope is not about extravagant traveling, exotic islands, palm trees or famous cities.

It’s about hidden gems, about finding the unexpected beauties of common places, exploring the wilderness, connecting with nature and experiencing diverse cultures.

How we

fell in♥ with Albania

How we

fell in♥ with Albania

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Also called the Serbian Athens (Srpska Atina), Novi Sad is known as the cultural heart of Serbia, the liberal city of music, art and fun.

Tureni Gorge (Keys) - We Roam Europe
Four seasons in one day

The walls are decorated with different karst shapes: waterfalls, marbles, natural bridges, pins and rock towers and caves.




Smena 35 meets the great outdoors

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