Prigonesti (Romania)

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Exploring the wilderness of what it used to be a hamlet in the Apuseni Mountains: sour cherries, Devil’s Fingers and amazing views.

Hiking Tureni Gorge (Romania)

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Hiking Romania Tureni Gorge Difficulty: medium Distance: 5.8 m Duration: 2 hours Elevation: 225 m Export GPX Tureni Gorge is suitable for hiking during all seasons but one must be very careful on rainy times as the rocks are slippery Located at 23 km away from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the gorges are 1850 m long and […]

Hiking Vladeasa Peak (Romania)

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Romania Hiking Vlădeasa Peak Difficulty: medium Distance: 17.55 km Duration: 4-5 hors Elevation: 761 m Export GPX The Vladeasa Mountains are a sub-region of the Apuseni Mountains. They were formed of volcanic rocks and consist of heavy massif forms. Vladeasa peak (1836 m) is the highest of the massif. In order to reach it, you […]

Hiking Geogelului Keys (Romania)

Romania Hiking Geogelului Gorge Difficulty: medium Distance: 11.62 km Duration: 3-4 hours Elevation: 443 m Export GPX The circuit starts at Bradesti and it’s marked with the blue cross. For the first 4 km there is a descent through the forest and along the stream. Then, the path takes a right turn and reaches into the keys. […]

Hiking to Dragon’s Gate Cave (Romania)

Plaiului Keys - Romania - Apuseni

Romania Hiking to Dragon’s Gate Cave Difficulty: medium Distance: 12 km Duration: 5-6 hours Elevation: 683 m Export GPX We started and ended the trail at Izvoarele, but you can also follow the circuit: Salciua – Dragon’s gate Cave – Izvoarele.   We followed the marks into the forest, by the rocky pathway through the keys up […]

Haunted forest (Romania)

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Romania Hoia-Baciu haunted forest The Hoia Baciu forest has a reputation for intense paranormal activity. Many stories talk about UFO’s, ghosts, lights with no logical source, malfunctioning electronics and other unexplained phenomena which have contributed to its notoriety. It was named after a shepherd who went missing in the forest with a flock of 200 […]

Dragon’s Gate Cave (Romania)

Romania Dragon’s Gate Cave Located at 1150 m in the Trascau Mountains, the cave was discovered by the local shepherds from Bedeleu. According to the legend, there was a castle of dragons. Sometimes, one of them took a human appearance, went to the village to dance with the most beautiful girl and disappeared with her […]