Transfagarasean (Romania)

Transfagarasean - Romania - We Roam Europe(1)

Romania Transfăgărășean The Transfagarasan, as the name states it, trans [over, across] + Fagaras, is an asphalted mountain road crossing the Fagaras Mountains (southern section of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania).  Stretching from Bascov (Arges county) to Cartisoara (Sibiu County), the 91 km road climbs to an altitude of 2042 m. It passes throught 5 […]

Biokovo Nature Park (Croatia)

Biocovo - Croatia

Croatia Biokovo Nature Park When we planned our trip to Croatia we pinned the park on our itinerary for two reasons: the amazing view from the top of the mountain and the experience of driving the high narrow road to the get to the peak. Biokovo is the second highest mountain range in Croatia, part […]

Neretva Canyon (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Neretva Canyon When we decied to travel home from Croatia through Bosnia and Herzegovina, we were a little worried. We have become accustomed with the poor condition of the roads in Eastern Europe. We had a pleasent surpise when we saw that the one-lane roads are in really good shape. It was […]