Novi Sad (Serbia)

Novi Sad 2022 - Meet Serbia - We Roam Europe

Also called the Serbian Athens (Srpska Atina), Novi Sad is known as the cultural heart of Serbia, the liberal city of music, art and fun.

Old pedestrian road to Perazica Do Beach (Montenegro)

Montenegro Old pedestrian road to Perazica Do Beach A 3 km hiking trail connects the towns of Petrovac and Razevici, by the seaside in Montenegro. The pathway begins at Petrovac beach, through the forest, an old tunnel and along the sea. The route is suitable by foot or bike, the view over the sea is […]

Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Mostar - Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina - We Roam Europe (6)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Mostar We were returning from Croatia and we had a long road ahead (to Belgrade), so Mostar was the best choice to stretch our legs and grab something to eat. We are not big fans of crowded cities but we decided to take a few hours to visit it. Mostar is the […]

Walls of Ston (Croatia)

Walls of Ston - Croatia Travel - Cities and fortresses (3)

Croatia Walls of Ston Stone walls were build in the 14th century as defensive walls that surrounded the city of Ston.  Originally 7 km long, the wall links Ston to Mali Ston (Little Ston), a smaller town on the northern side, with the 5.5 km of walls.  Its forts and towers are strengthened by 10 […]

Tauseni Monument (Romania)

Tauseni Monument by Alexandru Chira

Romania Tăușeni monument The artist Alexandru Chira, born in 1947 in Tauseni, Romania, defines himself, not without irony, “a master of utopia”. His work has a unique symbolist dimension, his art is linked with subjects such as: personal identity, the environment, society, politics, the human body or the impact of technology. “De-signs towards the sky […]