Domogled Natural Park

Domogled Cerna-Valley is a protected area located in the Southern Carpathians. It covers more than 60.000 ha, making it the biggest nature reserve of Romania.

The best way to trully see the beauties of the park is by taking the road from Cerna Sat to Campu lui Neag – Petrosani. 

The first 60 km are unpaved. We traveled in a Peugeot 307 and each time we crossed paths with other people (all having 4X4 cars), they told us to go back because we will not make it to the end of the park. 

Well, carrefully, we succeded without any unfortunate event. Yet the road is not suitable for any type of car, but it is totally worth it.

Situated at 685m high in the deepth of Domogled – Cerna Valley Natural Park, the acumulation lake serves as an electric energy source.

To reach to it, you must take the unpaved road from Cerna Sat to Petrosani. If you like cycling, the trail is great for a bike trip.

The lake is surrounded by forests and mountain massifs.

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