Hoia-Baciu haunted forest

The Hoia Baciu forest has a reputation for intense paranormal activity.

Many stories talk about UFO’s, ghosts, lights with no logical source, malfunctioning electronics and other unexplained phenomena which have contributed to its notoriety.

It was named after a shepherd who went missing in the forest with a flock of 200 sheep and it is also referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania.

During the years, curious tourists that visited the forest have reported intense feeling of being constantly watched, anxiety, migraines and other unusual sensations.

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Some have witnessed mysterious orbs of light and flying disc-shaped objects in the sky above the forest. Others say they saw ghosts or that unknown faces have appeared in the photos they took there.

Locals believe the forest is a gateway to another dimension. People have known to be missing for some time with no recollection of how they had spent that time; or that they suddenly remember all of their past experiences, but then forget the memories after leaving the land.

Many researchers have spent time studying its mysteries, yet many things remain unexplained. For example, trees growing in zig-zag or in spirals.

Unexplained by scientists is also the fact that every tree that spirals does so in the clockwise direction.

But are all these stories true? Is the forest really haunted?

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