Inelet hamlet

Part of the Domogled Natural Park, Cerna Valley is known for the isolated hamlets, almost entirely disconnected from civilization: Scarisoara, Cracu Mare, Prisăcina, Dobraia, Inelet and more.

There are few people still living in the hamlets, around 80 households with no electricity, access roads and markets. Some have improvised hydro-power.

To reach Scarisoara and Inelet, you must climb a wooden staircase that people from here built to help them get to the villages nearby.

We started our hike up to Inelet from the DN 67D highway, about 20 km away from Băile Herculane. 

There is a wooden cross on the side of the road. We crossed the suspended bridge and stared to climb the trail up the mountain. 

After 20 minutes we reached the staircase. It has around 100 m and consists of four segments. 

The last one bis the hardest as it has an angle of 90°.

Scari Intelet - Inelet Staircase - We Roam Europe (1)

The trail continues through the forest and reaches the top of a hill with a great view of the mountains and valley

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