Neretva Canyon (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Neretva Canyon When we decied to travel home from Croatia through Bosnia and Herzegovina, we were a little worried. We have become accustomed with the poor condition of the roads in Eastern Europe. We had a pleasent surpise when we saw that the one-lane roads are in really good shape. It was […]

Danube Gorge (Boilers)

Danube Gorge - Romania Serbia Travel - Rivers (5)

Romania Danube Gorge The Danube Gorges is the natural border between Romania and Serbia, the place where the Danube passes through the Carpathian Mountains. It narrows to about 230 meters for 9 km. The maximum depth of the Danube is about 75 m. Before the artificial lake (The Iron Gates) was built, Danube has created […]