Prigonesti (Romania)

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Exploring the wilderness of what it used to be a hamlet in the Apuseni Mountains: sour cherries, Devil’s Fingers and amazing views.

Transfagarasean (Romania)

Transfagarasean - Romania - We Roam Europe(1)

Romania Transfăgărășean The Transfagarasan, as the name states it, trans [over, across] + Fagaras, is an asphalted mountain road crossing the Fagaras Mountains (southern section of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania).  Stretching from Bascov (Arges county) to Cartisoara (Sibiu County), the 91 km road climbs to an altitude of 2042 m. It passes throught 5 […]

Biokovo Nature Park (Croatia)

Biocovo - Croatia

Croatia Biokovo Nature Park When we planned our trip to Croatia we pinned the park on our itinerary for two reasons: the amazing view from the top of the mountain and the experience of driving the high narrow road to the get to the peak. Biokovo is the second highest mountain range in Croatia, part […]

Neretva Canyon (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Neretva Canyon When we decied to travel home from Croatia through Bosnia and Herzegovina, we were a little worried. We have become accustomed with the poor condition of the roads in Eastern Europe. We had a pleasent surpise when we saw that the one-lane roads are in really good shape. It was […]

Europe on film

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Film photography Ston, Croatia Sunset on film Sunset on film Danube Gorge, Romania Danube Gorge – Romania Retezat National Park, Romania Retezat National Park – Romania Animals on film Animals on film Liteni, Romania Liteni – Romania Urban jungle Waha festival, Romania Bosnia and Herzegovina Kravica – Bosnia & Herzegovina Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia […]

Inelet hamlet (Romania)

Romania Inelet hamlet Part of the Domogled Natural Park, Cerna Valley is known for the isolated hamlets, almost entirely disconnected from civilization: Scarisoara, Cracu Mare, Prisăcina, Dobraia, Inelet and more. There are few people still living in the hamlets, around 80 households with no electricity, access roads and markets. Some have improvised hydro-power. To reach […]

Domogled Natural Park (Romania)

Domogled - Cerna Valley - Parcul Natural Domogled Valea Cernei

Romania Domogled Natural Park Domogled Cerna-Valley is a protected area located in the Southern Carpathians. It covers more than 60.000 ha, making it the biggest nature reserve of Romania. The best way to trully see the beauties of the park is by taking the road from Cerna Sat to Campu lui Neag – Petrosani.  The […]

Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia)

Plitvice Lakes National Park - Croatia - We Roam Europe (22)

Croatia Plitvice National Park Plitvice Lakes National Park, proclaimed Croatia’s first national park in 1949, lies at the south end of Mala Kapela mountain chain. It was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The most attractive part of the park – the lakes – cover under 1% of the total park. The area is […]

Kravica Waterfall (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Kravica Waterfall - Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel - Waterfalls (2)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Kravica Waterfall Kravica Waterfall, often mistakenly called Kravice, is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 40 km south of Mostar and 20 km from Medjugore. The waterfall is 25 m high and swimming is allowed in the lake at it’s base. The area has a small cafe, a picnic and camping area and […]

Apuseni Natural Park (Romania)

Romania Apuseni Nature Park Located in western Romania, Apuseni preserves dolines, shallow funnel-shaped valleys, karstic plateaus, dry valleys and gorges. The Apuseni Mountains are remarkable both for its surface and variety of forms. In this area there are many touristic hiking tracks accessible to anyone. It is also suitable for caving, canoeing, rafting, skiing and […]