Tăușeni monument

The artist Alexandru Chira, born in 1947 in Tauseni, Romania, defines himself, not without irony, “a master of utopia”.

His work has a unique symbolist dimension, his art is linked with subjects such as: personal identity, the environment, society, politics, the human body or the impact of technology.

“De-signs towards the sky for rain and rainbow”, initially nominated “Installation (magical-poetic) for remembrance, for suggesting (or if necessary, for invoking) the rain and the rainbow”, is situated in a village surrounded by hills and consists of 18 parts.

The village’s community institutions (church, school and cultural house) are disposed in triangle and represent the “village’s spiritual triangle”. The monumental assembly “De-signs towards the sky for rain and rainbow” is a magical-poetic installation for holidays with the purpose of calling the rain and the rainbow of brightness.

There are five other parts of the assembly:
“Mirror for Reflection”, on top of the “Memory Mirror” monument;
“De-sign of Bridge”, between the real and the virtual world;
“Ritualic Road”, which symbolically represents the access road (the path) to the work of art (the way of reception);
“Initiation paths ”, twelve paths of access, differently colored, intended for individual initiation;
The last one, “De-sign of Catare”, is located on the via-a-vis hill of the ensemble, the virtual axis of symmetry. Through its hexagonal frame one can see the entire structure of the monument assembly.

You can read more about the artist and Tauseni Monument on Alexandru Chira’s website.

Tauseni Monuments - The sowing mirror
The Pastors or the angels house
Tauseni Monuments - The Pastors or the angels house
Steps of the Sower / sowing mirror
Tauseni Monuments - Staircase (Steps) of the Sower
Rotary Icon for Rain and Rainbow
Tauseni Monuments - Rotary Icon for Messages
Fire Bird House or Rain House
Tauseni Monuments - Fire Bird House or Rain House
Signs for Two Road Projects
Tauseni Monuments - Signs for Two Road Projects
The White Terminals
Tauseni Monuments - The White terminals
Model for Rainbow
Tauseni Monuments - Model for Rainbow
The fountain of mirror with memory
Tauseni Monuments - The fountain of mirror with memory
Twelve Sensory Icons
Tauseni Monuments - Twelve Sensory Icons
Memory Mirror
Tauseni Monuments - Memory Mirror
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