The Transfagarasan, as the name states it, trans [over, across] + Fagaras, is an asphalted mountain road crossing the Fagaras Mountains (southern section of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania). 

Stretching from Bascov (Arges county) to Cartisoara (Sibiu County), the 91 km road climbs to an altitude of 2042 m. It passes throught 5 tunnels (the longest one of 887 m) and 27 viaducts. 

The winding road has long S curves and hairpin turns, making it an attraction for drivers and cyclists.

Due to its dangerous serpentines, the traffic is restricted during the night (22-6) and it’s completely closed during the winter.

Transfagarasean Road - Romania - We Roam Europe (2)

Transfagarasean provides acces to Balea Lake, the starting point for mountain trails to the highest peaks in Romania (Moldoveanu – 2544 m and Negoiu – 2535 m).

Capra Lake - Romania - We Roam Europe (1)

If you love conquering peaks, here you can find the mountain trails from Balea Lake. 

Even if you are not a hiking enthousiast, you should at least take the 1 hour climb to Capra Lake. 

The view from the mountain ridge, over the glacial lakes, mountains and Transfagarasean, is breathless.

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