Uvac Special Nature Reserve

We discovered Uvac Special Nature Reserve on our way to Montenegro sea side. Since we were on the road for a long time, we needed a place to stretch our legs, grab something to eat and rest for a few hours.

We spotted a motel by the side of Zlatarsko lake and we decided to stop there and have breakfast. The food was tasty, the portions quite large and for fair prices.

The restaurant has a terrace oriented towards the lake and, as we arrived just at sunrise, the view was spectacular.

Uvac Special Natural Reserve - Serbia Travel - Zlatarsko Lake

The reserve is located in the Stari Vlah highland of Serbia. Its major morphological feature is the Uvac River canyon valley. It is partly submerged due to construction of three dams and creation of artificial lakes: Sjeničko, Zlatarsko and Radoinjsko lakes.

Uvac Special Natural Reserve - Serbia Travel

The reserve is surrounded by mountains. It occupies 7543 ha with an altitude ranging from 760 m to 1322 m above sea level and comprises the valley of the Uvac river, including the Uvac Gorge. The greatest attraction is the Griffon vulture and the efforts made for its preservation are quite known. The vulture’s role in the food chain makes the species irreplaceable as its diet is based on dead animals, therefore stopping the spread of diseases and contributing to a kind of “natural recycling”.

We did not have enough time to truly explore the reserve, therefore we continued the road by car and start looking for a peaceful place to rest in the sun for a few hours. Driving into the wilderness, we enjoyed the beauties of the lakes, the hamlets, mountains and hills. Above all, we were lucky enough to see a Griffon Vulture swooping right above us.

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