Hiking Vlădeasa Peak

Difficulty: medium
Distance: 17.55 km
Duration: 4-5 hors
Elevation: 761 m
Vladeasa peak - hike - elevation graphic
Vladeasa Peak - We Roam Europe (6)

The Vladeasa Mountains are a sub-region of the Apuseni Mountains. They were formed of volcanic rocks and consist of heavy massif forms.

Vladeasa peak (1836 m) is the highest of the massif. In order to reach it, you can take one of the trails: from Rogojel Village, from Rachitele Fall or from Draganului Valley.

We choose the most accessible one, from Rogojel Village, taking a touristic circuit marked with the red circle.

The trail goes from Vladeasa Chalet up to the peak, down along the White Stones and returns to the chalet.

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