Walls of Ston

Stone walls were build in the 14th century as defensive walls that surrounded the city of Ston. 

Originally 7 km long, the wall links Ston to Mali Ston (Little Ston), a smaller town on the northern side, with the 5.5 km of walls. 

Its forts and towers are strengthened by 10 round and 31 square flanking towers and 6 semi-circular bastions.

One can enjoy a 40 min walk across the walls and experience great views over the salt pans, the city of Ston and the gulf of Mali Ston. The entrance fee is around 10 euros.

The walls were last used in the 19th century for defending the salt pans. Today, Ston still bears the mark of “salt city”, as it has the oldest active salt-works in the world.

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